Nik Levi
1 min readOct 15, 2020

pull up a chair

make your coffee hot

have a smoke, while your curtain drops.

String the lights up, make webs

use the notes from Charlotte,

get it out of your head.

we’re crawling.

toward something familiar,

that we have never done.

no one to forgive you, no one to permiss you.

pour out your coffee,

learn where we belong.

existentially obsolete, for the moment.

gravitas, won’t take what doesn’t belong.

move with the rhythym.

think out loud, so you can hear them.

Everything we can’t see, is reality.

Any more is make believe.

let the guilt of the life you mourn wash away.

it’s useless in where we were born to create.

be afraid,

be brave.

time pays no mind to a soul in a cage.

Nik Levi