Nik Levi

There’s things here out of reach

at the cost of growth you preach

Still there’s something more that we don’t know

Beyond what i can see

And here you stand boasting of clear eyes

Sharing nothing with me

What understanding can be offered

While you break my time

I closed your wounds

While you opened mine

Even then to become beyond what i could see

You shared nothing with me

I don’t like your survival

it doesn’t look like mine

I don’t like that it makes

me change my mind



by the last light, it’s time to go

street lights will show the tiny holes

waiting in your pitted road

if you want to gain your ground

tip to toe on the edges found

you’ll bleed what you have left to hold

but through will be, your only way to home

and when you find, you will to take flight

look up again at the street lights

they’ll show what you’ve never known

they’ll show where next to go

and if one day you see new scars

have hope

this is how it feels not to let go



on the day the ash turned black

a storm came that did not hold back

thick drips dropped from the sky

quick whips flew out from the eye

turning the ash that remained black and black

when the time came to break

beams came in with blinding strength

picking at particles one by one

teaching the taught, what times can come

turning the ash from black and black

till black was one



when your brain spins to fast

follow your own demands

sit down, lay down, stand up, pick anywhere

inhale through your nose

release through your mouth

let it go everywhere

let go

release your shoulders,

let them slide down

feel the energy radiate out

let your neck dive down

hang you chin to your chest

breath in through your nose

and out through your mouth

feel your toes stretch out

wiggle them around

press all five toe pads into the ground

breath in

breath out

slow down

its okay to slow down

its okay to slow down



thread the black laces close up holes

stop the top to double the bow

like it’s always been done

straighten the limb

one by one a foot goes up

rubber and leather latching on to a metal weld

shoved down hard under the weight of our sins

we sit high and proud

word by word

commands urge the tired shoes

nailed to a metal U

firmed hands to idle around the neck

hold up weight from impulses ignored

make believe the being remains pure

behind the back of the horse with a rider on shore

up in the air the metal box flys in with a cure

contact violently making the end

of what grips were bound to tight

for if you sit high enough

you can’t see when you’re fucked



spinning around

in square cut cotton grounds

i can’t see

not a single speck or fleck

nothing gets through these dry slabs

the little rays of light

stuck at the border of 1929

they long to see

what is here in a night

if they knew

they could see too

a pen was found

by the traveler who

had a small blue lantern

just like mine

so i could see

the name of the beast

as i write it down

“you mother fucking cow”